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pH Up: Sink or Swim

Get ready to dive into pH perfection with pH Up! Keeping your marine/reef aquarium's pH at ~8.3 is essential for your aquatic pals' well-being. But sometimes, achieving this ideal level can be a real sea monster! That's why we made pH Up. It helps boost and steady your pH levels without feeding the algae. You know what they say, happy pH, happy life! So don't let your fish and other aerobic organisms feel like drowning. Use pH Up to keep them swimmingly.


Polyester Media Bags: The Net You Need

Be a "net"flix and chill expert with our Polyester Media Bags. These 800-micron heavy-duty bags have a zipper to keep your media inside securely. It's easy as throwing a beach ball in the ocean! Fill up the bag with your choice of media, zip it up, rinse it, and toss it in your aquarium. You won't have to worry about scratches or damage to your aquarium glass or even the inhabitants with its algaemazing formula.


Coral Cane®: Coral Food that's Coral-Licious

Your coral will thank you for serving them Coral Cane®! The complete coral food package contains phytoplankton, zooplankton, and other natural food sources. Plus, it's adsorbed with our Bio-Enhance™ ingredients without including any unwanted binders or fillers. It's the catch of the day that both polyps and mouths will enjoy.


Fish Enhance™: Hooked on Health

Fish Enhance™ is the ultimate bait for any fish lover! It's packed with a special mixture of goodies, including protein, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, and even water-soluble garlic extract. It helps spark your fish's appetite, health, and vitality without making aquarium water look like a fish market.


Fish Revitalizer™: The Life Saver of the Sea

Don't let your fish face the riptide alone. Give them the life jacket they need with Fish Revitalizer™. This general-purpose conditioner helps improve your fish's overall vitality. Plus, in emergency situations like parasitic infections, Fish Revitalizer™ can provide rescue. Remember to follow up with additional treatment using a quarantine tank with medication. So dive in, and let Fish Revitalizer™ be your fish's lifeguard.

pH Up

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