SPS Salt for Saltwater Aquariums
SPS Salt for Saltwater Aquariums


Environmental Salts

All salts have been scientifically formulated in a humidity

controlled enviroment and are specified for each type of aquarium.


Algae Control & Nutrient Removal

Remove the nutrients which cause unwanted algae to grow;

in turn helping to give your aquarium a fresh, clean look.

Step 3

Aragonite Enhancers

It is time to maintain Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium

using our Step (3) Aragonite Enhancers™.


Bioactive Color Intensifiers

Provide the necessary elements along with biomolecules

required for intensifying natural coral color as well as

building resistance and imporivng vitality.

Coral in a saltwater aquarium with vivid purple, blue, and orange colors thanks to Quantum US aquarium products.

Discover the Easiest Way to Maintain Your Saltwater Aquarium with Quantum USA!

Welcome to Quantum USA, a trusted brand in the aquarium industry. Our products are designed to provide sustainable, outstanding results while requiring minimal maintenance.

Through years of trials, our scientifically-proven formulas make it easy to maintain a saltwater aquarium. Less time, less expense, healthier sea life!

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Our Four-Step Process

Step One

Choose the aquarium type you want to keep and note the calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, and potassium concentrations.

Step 1 Products

Step Two

Removing nutrients that allow unwanted algae to grow will give your aquarium a fresh,
clean look.

Step 2 Products

Step Three

Use our Aragonite Enhancers and dosing calculators to maintain proper calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium levels.

Step 3 Products

Step Four

Our Bioactive Color Intensifiers will intensify natural coral color and build resistance while enhancing vitality.

Step 4 Products

Reef it to Believe It

Reef It to Believe It: Keep Your Coral Healthy and Vibrant with Easy Z

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