Accessories and Treatments


Here is a variety of other treatments for you salt water tank. Everything from media bags all the way to Fish Enhancements for your fish.

Bio-Active Carbon

Polyester Reusable Zipped Media Bags

800-micron bags with zipper
Heavy duty, re-useable Polyester Media Bags 800-micron with plastic zipper. Securing your media has never been easier; simply un-zip, fill it up with your choice of media, zip it up, rinse and place into your aquarium. Easy, Affordable and High Quality.


Phosphate Remover All

White Film Remover™

Safely removes the white film without scratching or damaging your aquarium glass!

  • Removes white film & algae
  • No toxic or harmful chemicals
  • Use water from your aquarium
  • Will not harm aquarium inhabitants
  • Safe to use on glass & acrylic aquariums


High Range Nitrate Remover All

Fish Enhance™

  • Boosts Vitality

  • Improves Health

  • Increases Appetite

Fish Enhance™ contains a unique blend of protein, amino acids, fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, beta-glutens and water-soluble garlic extract to help boost vitality, improve health and increase appetite. Fish Enhance™ contains a 100% water-soluble garlic extract which provides the active ingredients without the unwanted oil, meaning Fish Enhance™ will not pollute aquarium water.

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High Range Nitrate Remover All


pH Up is designed to increase pH without promoting algae. A pH of ~8.3 is important for the functioning of all marine/reef aquariums, often this level is not achieved, causing stress to your aquarium’s inhabitants. Fish & other aerobic organisms respire producing carbon dioxide and absorbing oxygen. Dosing with pH Up will help to increase and stabilize pH within your aquarium. Although pH Up is an effective method of treating pH temporarily, we recommend getting to the source of your pH issues. Possible causes of low pH include too many fish, low amounts of fresh air being introduced to the aquarium, insufficient water flow and lack of alkalinity.